How do you wear your love of DC music?
poster design

Project Brief 
Design a poster that will be show cased on the music festival at the National Mall, 2019
The poster will be displayed on a acrylic stand on the table of “DC style music” festival booth
Poster size is two 11X17 inches poster printed on semi gloss paper

About "The Will to Adorn" project
The Will to Adorn initiative, developed at the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (CFCH), is a community-centered research and presentation project that looks at the diverse identities in African American communities through the lens of dress and style. Using interviews, observation, and sartorial autobiography, the project stimulates conversations and personal explorations into the meanings embedded in how we represent ourselves using the language of dress and personal adornment.
Initial sketches and planning 
Final poster design 

Rebranding "The Will to Adorn" logo
logo redesign

see logo used on the Will TO Adorn website
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